Welcome to Wealth Multiplier Services

We work with disciplined trading systems and smart investment strategies and have well experienced market research analysts with a unique investment system. We provide an absolute wealth management services that puts our clients at the centre of everything we do.

We can help you achieve your goal to become wealthy in stock market with our long term investment visions and smart strategies. We build an approach that works specifically for you, your family and your future generations.

At Wealth Multiplier Services we develop principles for successful investing in stock market. We passionately believe in building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients by understanding their needs, beliefs and requirements.

Services & Products

Wealth Multiplier Services offer unique products for wealth management. We understand, organize and invest your wealth. We plan investment strategies that will benefit you.

Your Profit Desk

Unique technique for wealth creation

Trade in Equities on an "Intraday" basis

Equity product

Time frame 365 days

All trades have strict stop loss

Ultra Wealth Growth

Unlimited profit with lowest risk

Risk reward ratio 1:3

Derivative product

Time frame 999 days

Smart Wealth Creator

The turtle way

Advantage of every fall and raise

Fundametally strong research stock

Equity product

Time frame 3 to 5 years

Best for small investor

commodity Plus

Trend following techniques

Risk reward ratio 1:4

Commodity product

Time frame 3 to 5 years

Value trading

Why us
Our Experience
We use over 10+ years experience to identify reliable trading strategies on markets daily.
Our Experience
Relied Upon
Our clients include hundreds of traders & brokers who have relied on us for many years.
Our Experience
Low Risk
Delivering low risk trading plans in a written report that identifies strategies to minimise risk.